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The Just Focus website supports an online community of young people and is a space to; connect with other like minded peeps, access information about global issues, discover ways to take action and express yourself by writing articles and discussing issues. There are many reasons why you can choose to volunteer. They can be personal, professional, community or social. Some of the voluntourism opportunities require travel anywhere. Volunteering contributes to improving the quality of life and health of communities. According to some studies, volunteers are healthier physically and have a better quality of life than non-volunteers. While volunteering you will have fun, you will get to know new people and of course this is an opportunity to strengthen your self-esteem, to expand your horizons, be part of those who work to make things better, help others and contribute to community wellness. But, the problem with voluntourism is that many voluntourists help for the wrong reason and just put the volunteer experience on their resume, and if they aren’t there to help, they don’t often produce good work. There are many volunteer companies and organizations which are dishonest and might not be selling you the truth. justfocus.org.nz is the right place to learn more about all voluntourism issues, pros and cons and voluntourism statistics. Just Write is an exciting opportunity for those budding journalists out there. Each year, our Just Write programme gives ten young people from around the country the opportunity to develop writing and research skills, explore global issues and gain experience in the media industry.

What is the Aim of Voluntourism?

Voluntourism is a popular option different from the normal vacation. Just for a record, the word Volountarism is made up of two words and it is also known as Volunteer Tourism. The reward for the volunteer work and the opportunities of volountarism is not financial (the work is free), it is immaterial with a satisfaction of a task accomplished, the feeling of making a contribution to the environment. Volunteering is an activity freely chosen that requires time as well as skills. Volunteer involvement is always an opportunity to open up to other horizons, to communities other than one’s family or friends. They want to play an active role in associations, to have responsibilities, often very much related to those assumed during their working or professional life. “Volunteer commitment is not easy to experience every day, but it is a source of happiness”. If you are interested in volunteering, you should follow Just Focus and find the best voluntourism organization.

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A New Free Trade Agreement Between Canada, United States and Mexico

Just Focus offers you information about the trade agreement between the three States (AMC) is a modernization of NAFTA, which dated back to 1994. The world with AFP and Reuters Published October 01, 2018 at 01: 38 – last updated October 01, 2018 at 12: 54 p.m. The United States […]

So you want to be a voluntourist?

In our times of cheap air travel, ergonomically designed backpacks, and heightened social consciousness, increasing numbers of young people from western countries are mixing their travels with voluntourism opportunities and volunteer work. Voluntourism has exploded over the last few decades, with the voluntourist market now peaking at US$2.6bn per year. […]


Redefining Intelligence

I am going to talk to you about a prejudice many of us are unaware exists, in fact some of you may actually support it. If I am to be bluntly honest, most, if not all of you probably do. This prejudice is widely accepted by society, but never really discussed. You may consider […]