Who we are


Will Watterson
Education Advisor

Will is a pom-turned-kiwi with a passion for working with young people, both in a voluntary and professional capacity. He has worked on several youth-development projects with the Boys’ & Girls’ Institute (BGI) and worked as a volunteer at Zeal, a Wellington city youthvenue, before finding his way to Just Focus.

He is passionate about the potential of education and insight to empower young people to shape a better future. He runs workshops with adults and young people on global themes and issues. He also coordinates Media that Matters, a series of national film-festivals that are run in partnership with local youthorganisations.

He likes apple crumble and Fair Trade coffee, but dislikes shaving, spearmint flavoured gum, and walking behind slow-moving people. He has at times been known to scale small buildings with nothing but a cellphone and a banana.

Jennie O’Donovan
Education Advisor

Jennie joined the Just Focus team after four years working and travelling, including three months teaching in Guatemala, and a year working for the DevelopmentEducation Association in London. Before leaving Aotearoa New Zealand she studied politics at Victoria University and then worked at the YWCA, creating and promoting resources for young people, on issues ranging from health and sexuality to social activism.

Jennie manages the Just Focus website and the Just Write programme, working closely with young writers and youth media in NZ and around the world.

To make up for the huge carbon footprint she created while travelling, Jennie is trying hard to live a sustainable, low impact life and has recently brought a bike, planted a veggie garden and made friends with a second-hand sewing machine. She believes strongly that ‘You have to BE the change you want to see in the world.’ If Gandhi hadn’t said it first she would have!

The Just Focus project is part of Global Focus Aotearoa.  Introducing the rest of team…

Gino Maresca
Education Services Manager

Gino is the big boss! He has years of experience in the field of community and youth development. He has designed and run NZ Conservation Corps programmes, various life skills and leadership development programmes. His particular interest in community education lies in the application of global education and community building principles to current youth development in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Sara Tamati
The Next Coordinator

Sara’s life has been immersed in youth and social development as a youngster watching her parents being youth and social workers through to her later becoming a youth worker both formally and informally. She has been a participant in the Aotearoa hip hop scene for the past 10 years as a writer, graffiti artist, MC and also involved in the dance forms of Locking, Boogaloo and B Boying.


Fiona Beals
Resource Writer

Fiona is passionate about making a difference for young people globally and locally. One of her key interests is media education – specifically looking at the way in which the media constructs a biased picture of our selves and our world and challenging this picture. Fiona writes the Global Perspectives resource and assists in the development of the Global Focus pages in Tearaway.

Toni Carson
Programme Administrator

Toni is a keen flamenco dancer who plays the congas and enjoys jamming in Courtney Place late at night.  She volunteers at the Newtown holiday programme where she thinks the kids are awesome – especially at crumping.