What we do

Just Focus connects a community of young people around the country and provides a way to:

  • Be active in GETTING INFORMED about issues facing the world today.
  • Learn new skills and be inspired, so you can TAKE ACTION

There are two main parts to Just Focus:


The Just Focus website supports an online community of young people and is a space to; connect with other like minded peeps, access information about global issues, discover ways to take action and express yourself by writing articles and discussing issues.


Just Write is an exciting opportunity for those budding journalists out there. Each year, our Just Write programme gives ten young people from around the country the opportunity to develop writing and research skills, explore global issues and gain experience in the media industry.


Who is Just Focus for?

Just Focus is aimed at ALL young people with an interest in global issues, such as social justice, sustainability, fair-trade, development, human rights and peace.

Want to join Just Focus?

It’s free to join and it means you will get regular updates about the project and info about upcoming events and new opportunities.