Just Focus » Take Action/ Me Huri ki te Mahi

Is there something that frustrates you, or makes you mad? Want to do something about it?

Often you care about something, but it’s hard to work out what to do about it. This part of the site provides some information to help you think about the issues, analyse them, make connections and Take Action!

Getting Started
Our interactive Action-O-Gram will help you figure out the best course of action to take on the issues that you care about.

The Action Exchange
Wanna get connected to other choice people who are out there making a difference? The Action Exchange is a database that matches your interests with projects and organisations in Aotearoa NZ that might suit you.

Check out any upcoming events from around Aotearoa New Zealand, national and international competitions and campaigns, and important UN and World Days.

Take Action Guides
Need more knowledge? These guides provide definitions and information about some key issues, places to go for more information and give you some ideas for action!