Take Action guides

Just Focus (action packed!) Action Guides

Are you concerned about human rights poverty or the environment?  The following Action Guides provide definitions and information about some key issues, places to go for more information and give you some ideas for action!!  (We will be adding actions guides all the time, but if there is something you would like to see here, let us know.)

  • Poverty
  • Identity
  • Sustainability
  • Children’s Rights
  • Global Media (coming soon)
  • Trade (coming soon)

Other Action Guides

The Ministry of Youth Development have created a number of Action Guides as part of the Aotearoa Youth Voices toolkit. There is some really useful information to help you get your voice heard. Check them out!

    • Have a successful group meeting
    • Writing a media release
    • Doing a media interview
    • Writing a letter to the editor
    • Writing to politicians
    • Write a submission to parliament
    • Petition parliament: signature power

……….and many more!

Taking IT Global, the number one international website for youth around social justice issues, has created a comprehensive Guide to Action.

Contact the YWCA for a copy of the Do-It-Yourself Guide.

If you are interested in international volunteering then check out VSA’s booklet Volunteering Overseas: Your guide to volunteering in a developing country .