Media that Matters

We no longer have to rely on major corporations for things to be seen — we have Media that Matters to distribute new material and new voices and new points of view.” -Tim Robbins, Actor The first Media that Matters Aotearoa film event occurred in Wellington on 15 March. It was a great […]

Pacific Youth Hold Fast: We can’t ignore colonisation

Ngā iwi e, Ngā iwi e O people, O people Kia Kotahi ra, Te Moana-nui-a-kiwa Join together as one the Pacific Ocean. Ngā iwi e, Ngā iwi e O people, o people  Kia Kotahi ra, Te Moana-nui-a-kiwa Join together as one, the Pacific Ocean Kia mau ra, kia mau ra Hold fast, hold fast  […]


The Impact of Technology on Youth in Today’s Society

In our never-ceasing quest for progression and expansion, it seems taken for granted that technological advancement is a positive phenomenon. Amidst the hysteria, however, lies the forgotten fact that the latest development is not necessarily what is best for society. We are encouraged to believe that faster, more complex and superior technology […]