A New Free Trade Agreement Between Canada, United States and Mexico

Just Focus offers you information about the trade agreement between the three States (AMC) is a modernization of NAFTA, which dated back to 1994. The world with AFP and Reuters Published October 01, 2018 at 01: 38 – last updated October 01, 2018 at 12: 54 p.m. The United States […]

So you want to be a voluntourist?

In our times of cheap air travel, ergonomically designed backpacks, and heightened social consciousness, increasing numbers of young people from western countries are mixing their travels with voluntourism opportunities and volunteer work. Voluntourism has exploded over the last few decades, with the voluntourist market now peaking at US$2.6bn per year. […]

Eco-prisoners: from the US to the Pacific

Many of the world’s environmental problems have been caused by multinational corporations and states in their constant drive for profit and control of humanity. The best voluntourism organizations across the globe have made many brave acts of resistance against those exploiting both humanity and the environment. Unfortunately as global awareness of environmental issues increases […]