A New Free Trade Agreement Between Canada, United States and Mexico

Just Focus offers you information about the trade agreement between the three States (AMC) is a modernization of NAFTA, which dated back to 1994.

The world with AFP and Reuters Published October 01, 2018 at 01: 38 – last updated October 01, 2018 at 12: 54 p.m.

The United States and Canada oppose commercial dispute resolution mechanisms. Edgard Garrido / REUTERS

Canada, the United States, and Mexico arrived, Sunday, September 30, to a free trade agreement for North America named the agreement U.S. – Mexico – Canada (AMC) in place of a Treaty dating from 1994, according to a press release joint Americano-Canadien. “Today, Canada and the United States have reached an agreement in principle, together with Mexico, on a new trade agreement,” said the trade of the United States, Robert Lighthizer representative, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, in a joint statement. Prior to this, the three countries have made a mutual agreement to make casino games, particularly blackjack, available for playing with no deposit bonuses on online gambling establishments. Visit this site right here to learn where to play blackjack games for free by using no deposit casino bonuses.

“The AMC will give our workers, farmers, ranchers and businesses a trade agreement of high quality that will lead to freer markets, fairer trade and economic growth in our region”, highlights this release only ninety minutes before the expiry of a time deadline, imposed by the United States to rally Canada to the compromise already found by Mexico City and Washington.

‘It’s a good day for Canada,’ said the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, at the exit of an extraordinary Ministers Council, promising to tell more on the agreement later in the day Monday.

The American president, Donald Trump, hailed a “magnificent new trade agreement” in a tweet. Mr. Trump was at the origin of the renegotiation of the NAFTA of 1994 (NAFTA) agreement which he considered disastrous for the U.S. economy. By following this link you will find all voluntourism pros and cons if you want to be a voluntourist.


What means this agreement for the signatories: Donald Trump Gets a new free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Dairy and automotive market

According to the first available, the agreement offers U.S. access to approximately 3.5% of the dairy market valued at $ 16 billion, all Canadian by protecting the Canada of any automotive tariffs. According to one of the sources of the Reuters news agency, the Government of Canada committed to compensating the producers concerned by this agreement.

“We celebrate the trilateral agreement. It closes the door to the commercial fragmentation of the region. Alena 2 will provide security and stability to trade in Mexico with its partners in the North American”, tweeted Mr. Seade, representing the President-elect Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador during the negotiations. End of August, the United States, and Mexico had announced a trade agreement after long weeks of negotiations and hoped that Canada could join them to give birth to the free trade agreement North American NAFTA version 2.0.

NAFTA was one of the bugbears of president Donald Trump, who accused him of having caused the loss of millions of American jobs, especially in the automotive sector. US president had repeated his criticism of NAFTA Saturday in front of his supporters in West Virginia, pointing out that the new agreement with Mexico was “a good deal for both countries.” “We will see what will happen with Canada, if they join . “[to the agreement], they have to be fair,” had launched Mr. Trump, reiterating his vigorous attacks on taxes, protecting the Canadian dairy sector.

A lifting of customs duties

The most challenging point in the discussions of the weekend was, according to the Globe, Canadian demand that Washington lift customs duties, imposed on steel and aluminum, and agrees not to impose on the important automotive industry Canadian, a regular threat by US president. According to a source senior Ottawa, Mr. Trudeau’s Government decided to relax its dairy market to U.S. producers, in Exchange for maintaining “intact” of the arbitration system of trade in the new disputes including NAFTA, the AMC) USMCA in English).

The major Quebec parties and farmers ‘ organizations strongly defend the system of ‘supply management,’ which controls the production and the price of milk and poultry and providing a stable income for Canadian farmers. And Quebec produces about three-quarters of Canadian milk. Government federal “will pay for all losses Canadian dairy farmers,” said the Canadian official.

According to this source, Washington and Ottawa are also agreed that the new trading Treaty, contains a chapter on the environment, a first since the creation of NAFTA in 1994, and retains the cultural exception, two themes very dear to Quebecers.

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