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Just Focus provides a space for young people to engage with global issues; become informed, voice their concerns, interact with others and take action Just Focus is aimed at ALL young people who are interested in social justice and want to become active global citizens.



Just Focus promotes positive youth development

Involvement in social justice issues and action supports the development of young people and creates positive impacts in their communities.  It facilitates the ‘4Cs’ of youth development: competence, connection, character-building and confidence-building. (Blum, 1988)  Just Focus is a fun and interactive way for young people to develop skills and knowledge of areas including: global issues, leadership, writing, website moderation, public speaking, communication, collaboration and organisation.



Just Focus is aligned with the principles of the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa which has the vision of:

“A country where young people are vibrant and optimistic through being supported and encouraged to take up challenges”(YDSA, Ministry of Youth Development)

Youth development is triggered when young people fully participate – Young people need to be given opportunities to have greater control over what happens to them, through seeking their advice, participationand engagement.” (YDSA, Ministry of Youth Development)


To continue to grow and improve JustFocus needs the support of parents, teachers and youth workers! You can support the project by:

  • Signing up for our monthly newsletters and keeping in the loop
  • Encouraging and supporting the young people you work with to get involved with Just Focus